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About Me

Where are you from? Evington, VA

Why did you become a stylist and what do you love about it? I love to see the inner beauty in each person I meet. I became a stylist to help my guests fully realize their inner beauty while taking care of their outer beauty as well

What is your biggest accomplishment in your industry and personally? Professionally my biggest accomplishment is advancing to a Gold Level Stylist. Personally growing as a person and accomplishing things that I have dreamt of

I cannot live without? Jesus and being in nature

Perfect solution must-have? 1300 Elixir 11 and Blueberry Beet Root Shampoo

One day I would love to? Visit all the Continents



Gold Level Rates

Women's Haircut


Men's Haircut


High or Low Lighting




All Over Color


Regrowth Touchup


Shampoo & Style